What is CNC machining?

CNC machining is the most commonly used subtraction manufacturing technique. In CNC machining, various cutting tools are used to remove material from the solid block to make parts based on the CAD model. At present metal and plastic can be machined by CNC. Parts produced by CNC with excellent material properties as well as tight tolerances. Due to its high repeatability, the CNC is suitable for single order to batch production. However, CNC is subject to significant design limitations due to the color reduction of this technology compared to 3D printing.

Why CNC machine is great for many industries?

As we know metal stamping for the automotive, aerospace, other industries requires the highest precision, which can only be achieved with high precision tools. CNC machining provides the required precision and produces a large number of high quality identical parts. In fact, all manufacturing industries benefit from CNC production technology to create accurate tools and molds that produce the best results in the production process. With a high level of technology, we create tools and molds for your production range that can be used to achieve tight tolerances and easily produce high volume products.

What products can CNC machines produce?

Different products can be produced by different types CNC machines. Each type of CNC machine has its own machining function for the production of individual parts. For example, round or spherical parts manufactured at CNC turning centers cannot be manufactured in CNC milling machines. Parts manufactured on a milling machine cannot be manufactured on a CNC lathe or the like.

In many industries, CNC lathes are used to machine linear cylinders, spiral cylinders, arcs and various threads, grooves and screws. In addition, it can process other complicated revolving surfaces. CNC milling is another type of CNC machines which can machine numerous products such as connecting rod, blade, propeller, box, and housing shape parts. In summary, typical CNC milling parts can be divided into three categories: flat parts, surface parts and angle pieces.

The best CNC machining china

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