Have you ever wondered that when you search a term on some search engine say for example, in Google why certain websites and articles come first, ever wondered who takes the decision or who makes the ranking of the webpages or articles on the search engine? Well, the answer to that question is mainly twofold that is to say that, Firstly, the contents based on some keywords of the article is the main reason that some articles come on top when you search that keywords and secondly the process of making ranks for the articles is done by automated programs specially designed for this purpose by search engine companies. Now, what if you want your article to be placed on top when searching about the term on which your article is based on? Well, in that case, you have to make your article Search Engine Optimized.

What is exactly, SEO writing?

Search Engine Optimization is a writing process on digital platforms, mainly for websites and blogs through which you can make your article stand out from the rest when there are so many articles on the same topic. The process of SEO writing is a work of art itself. You have to put the keywords in the right places, and you can not simply put the keywords on every single line that is not going to help your article to be compatible with a search engine. The articles must also be promoted and opened on a regular basis by people to keep it on the top ranks when searched about the keywords. Now, the question you how can you write articles that are Search engine Optimized? The simplest and straight answer to that would be that you can not do SEO writing. So what should you do?

Specialized companies for SEO services

Now, there are specialized websites that offer SEO services (SEO รับ ทำ  which is the term in thai) like minimize group, they have a whole team for SEO article writing who are specifically trained to write articles and design websites in such a way so that they show up on Search. SEO writing is all the important these days as everyone is writing on the same topic over and over again, so if your articles or websites are not search engine optimized then your website will not have views and over the time it will fall behind from other SEO contents. So, if you want your website to be the number one search result on search engines t,hen it is time for you to hire specially trained professionals to write the material of your articles or to design your own website.

By Robert Smith

John Smith: John, a former software engineer, shares his insights on software development, programming languages, and coding best practices.