Research is an analytical part of entering a niche with a plan of action. And though there are several premium SEO tools for niche keyword research, many of them are prohibitively expensive for beginner affiliate marketers.

But there’s another problem:

Everyone is making decisions established on the exact details. If you want to get a margin, use techniques and research methods your competitors prefer in favour of standard tools by best paraphrasing tools.

Here are some niche research tools:

  • Google Trends – Trending subject matter and explore by geography
  • Subreddit Stats – Developing subreddits and topic ideas
  • Localized Rankings – Local trend set to go (inter) national
  • Google search console – Keywords in your facts no one is disclosing
  • Answer the public keyword tool – Examine the question surface area of your selected matter
  • Answer Socrates keyword tool 
  • Exploding topics – A google trends substitute with organized outcomes
  • Statista – Trends and statistics acquired by a business intelligence company
  • Similar web – Traffic estimates for competitor websites in your niche

Google Trends

Google is the nearly new search engine, as it covers 92.4% of the market share. And google trends track the popularity of queries across the machine, allowing you to analyze both emerging topics and questions and long-term trends by the niche finder.

The tools let you filter across properties, compare search items and topics, and even find related searches. While it’s relatively well-known as a tool, many people fail to put their niche site ideas or keywords into google trends to assess its potential.

A clear strategy to discover interesting niches on google trends is to focus on specific geographies instead of country-level statistics.

Although google trends are frequent for niche research, it has limitations.

Subreddit Stats

The identity of Reddit means that topics can blow up very suddenly but can also die off just as quickly. Reddit is a seminary of niche groups, and subreddit stats is a medium that gives categorize lists, follower trends and other actions for a relevant convention on Reddit. The medium also identifies top keywords and related niche subreddits, making it a great place to find content gaps in your industry. 

Localized Rankings

Localized rankings show what people search for in a specific country, region, or city. If your niche is highly competitive overall, localized rankings help you get a foot in the door by narrowing on a specific location by the best paraphrasing tools.

Google Search Console

Google search console is an unconfined SEO tool from Google that reveals the classification you classify for and the number of page impressions from each type. It’s a quality tool in the arsenal of SEO professionals and something you are already doing by the niche finder.

While the Google search console is a beneficial tool to analyze your movement and reaction, some zero-volume words are zero-volume and won’t give any outcomes. 

Answer the public

Answer the public is a tool that allows you alternative search queries, specifically those in the form of a question. These alternatives can be used as long-tail keywords for niche markets and give you an idea of the niche finder’s related search queries for a topic.

For example, exploring the term “email marketing” provides that people looking into email marketing also consider information about direct mail, Facebook ads, and software tools.

Like google console, you can answer the public to find search queries that determine a profitable niche.

Answer Socrates

Answer Socrates is a solution to the public alternative with unlimited free searches. It combines information from people and asks, google autocomplete, and google trends with the best paraphrasing tools. Instead of showing the information in a tree shape, answer Socrates groups responses based on the question word.

It’s as simple as placing your seed keyword into the tool and seeing which questions come up. It is a great way to discover buyer intent keywords to write buying guides.

Exploding Topics 

Exploding topics is a medium that gives insight into trends before they become trends. You can explore issues by category and time to provide insight into search numbers and growth.

Like google trends, exploding topics is the best used as a starting point. It is good if you are looking for ideas or want to catch new trends in your niche.


Statista is a self-described “business data platform” that provides statistics on many industries. You can find performance, reports, and analyses by Statista that can help you determine whether the niche you want to enter is growing, shrinking, or stable.

Similar web

A similar web is a traffic analysis tool. Unlike keyword research tools, it also tells you how much traffic a website receives from non-organic channels like direct and referral traffic.

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is an easy keyword tool option serving up a few primary characters. However, notwithstanding the need for functionality, it is one of the correct sources of keyword data on the market. Google keyword planner is available for free.

By Robert Smith

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