Digitalization has become an integral part of the world. With the inception of the internet, things had changed enormously within a short window of time. Along with this change, the need to learn and keep up with the ever changing world has also risen exponentially.

What is web hosting?

One such area of which knowledge has become essential is web hosting. It is a service that enables various organizations as well as individuals to upload a website or webpage onto the internet. The web host is a business in itself, providing the tools, technologies and services required for hosting a website or webpage on the internet.

Services and features –

Most hosting sites provide the following features and services –

Email accounts –

Web hosting companies provide an email account service which allows the client to create domain email accounts.

Bitcoin service –

Bitcoin hosting enables clients and users to pay for Web hosting services and domain names easily, among various other web services.

WordPress support –

WordPress is an online giant and over 25% of the websites on the internet is powered by it. It is an easy and convenient way of creating and managing a website and hence most web hosting services let their clients know if their website or webpage is compatible with WordPress. This is to make the creating and hosting of the websites or web pages easier.

FTP access –

Web hosting providers let its users use FTP (File transfer protocol) to upload files from the user’s local computer to their web server.

Steps to host a website for beginners –

  • Deciding on what type of website that users want to host. The choices lie between static and dynamic websites.
  • Choosing a web hosting server is the next important step. The choices lie between Linux hosting and Windows hosting.
  • Choosing between a wide range of web hosting services such as Shared hosting, Virtual hosting, Cloud hosting, among others.
  • Change the Domain Name Servers (DNS). This is a mandatory step.
  • Last step is uploading the website and the user’s website will now be visible on the internet.

By Robert Smith

John Smith: John, a former software engineer, shares his insights on software development, programming languages, and coding best practices.