patient engagement statistics
patient engagement statistics

Do you know what are patient engagement statistics? You may have come across electronic health records, mobile health applications, and online portals. All these contribute well when it is about the patient’s engagement.

Some important patient engagement statistics are mentioned below:

  1. More than 80 per cent of the patients who can use their electronic health records use the medical info as per research.
  2. Almost two-thirds of patients who cannot access the EHRs think that holding medical information is essential.
  3. The engagement rate can rise to 60 per cent or more with online portals or mobile applications.
  4. Another critical patient engagement statistics is that nearly 93 per cent of the doctors believe that healthcare apps can bump up a patient’s remedial results.
  5. Around 89 per cent of the doctors stated that they would possibly suggest a health care app to the patients.
  6. For about three-quarters of the patients, it was easier to access their medical data via electronic means. It is a better way of communication and familiarizing with their health.
  7. Around 57 per cent of the people use mobile, or tablet for opening, and reading emails.
  8. There is only 2 per cent implementation rate of hospital health apps costing every medical center an annual revenue loss of over $100 million.
  9. With a rise in online patient participation usage, it is predicted that it can lead to a 90 per cent satisfaction rate for both doctors and patients.
  10. Almost half the percentage of the patients say that the wait time is too annoying.
  11. If we talk about the medical service cost, there are 77 per cent of the patients saying that it is difficult to predict the cost.

How to provide the patient with a better experience with your medical practice?

To improve patient experience, it is vital to look at every point from fixing the appointment to offering a procedure. There are over 81 per cent of patients that would go for the alternative of online appointment. 68 per cent of the patients state that they appreciate the medical services that grant them the option of booking, changing, or cancelling the meetings.

Summing up

The patients of today seek more than expectations. If they find the services satisfactory, they will share it with their colleagues, friends, teachers, relatives, or family members. That’s all we covered in this article concerning patient engagement statistics.

By Robert Smith

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