The first benefit of Senso app for clinics is the mobility provided by the platform. Thus, you will be able to access your system from anywhere, whenever you need it. However, several benefits can be added. Numerous differentials and advantages can be found between the models. Therefore, you need to assess which points are relevant to your business. You will be able to accentuate the features you need most to expand your clinic’s growth.

Optimization of patient registration and scheduling

One of the features found in Senso cloud clinical software is the optimization of patient registration even through mobile. In other words, you will have quick access, through search engines, to all patients who are linked to the clinic. That way, you can send an email or make contact with a patient who has not been back for a long time. 

Your secretary can find information faster and keep data up-to-date in one place. Allied to this is the scheduling. It can be better organized in an online system that already contains all patient data. It is possible to know different information, such as previous appointments, payments and even the health professional’s daily schedule. The system comes with an automatic update option.

Organization of medical records and prescriptions

On the other hand, at the time of the consultation itself, another benefit of Senso Software is the electronic medical record. As the name implies, it is digitized and ready to be found at all times. So, say goodbye to all the folders and papers that filled rooms when you had to store patient information.

In this way, you customize the information crucial to your daily management from mobile. Moreover, you can even assemble the prescription for the patient in the same place. Using Senso app, you will have access to a series of facilities through your android or iOs phones that will optimize your consultation service and keep the data organized. 

Optimized financial management

Even though many healthcare professionals are not so familiar with finance, it is important to emphasize that it is an essential point. Therefore, having management software supported by Microsoft Office 365 will optimize this process. You avoid mixing up your personal accounts with those at the clinic with Senso cloud

You will be able to look at the reports to create strategies to improve your weaknesses and boost your strengths. With this, you will be able to know the right moment to carry out some expansion or implement cost control. Senso app is available in both android and iOS.

Data security and cost reduction

The last point that we will bring about the benefit of Senso online software is one of the most important for health professionals. There are two pieces of information – the security of your data and patients and cost reduction. It is essential to have confidentiality about electronic records. Just the download Senso app and secure your doubts.


The first question you can ask yourself is how are you consuming this text? If your answer involves a mobile device or a notebook in an outdoor environment, you have identified that mobility is relevant at all times. It is just a very practical benefit in your daily life. These just a few factors should be taken into account when choosing your work environment.

By Robert Smith

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