As the Christmas season is approaching, you might be in turmoil of what to present as the perfect gift to your friends and well-wishers. You need not worry too much as this can be determined by what they like but before that, you have to consider these rules before purchasing any gift (ของ ชำร่วย, which is the term in Thai).

Enjoy The Process

Oriental philosophy is full of stories that teach that giving is always more enriching than receiving. Do not forget that for one to enjoy making a list of people to give away, writing ideas and store addresses or cutting pages in magazines, you have to have some time. If the gifts are left for the day before delivery, in which you have to buy twelve things while avoiding the hordes possessed by the consumer fever, the thing no longer works.

Forget Your Tastes And Think Of Those Of Others   

Many people forget that the basic rule of giving gifts is to satisfy the tastes of the people to whom they are addressed, not yours. And here problems can arise. First, we don’t know our friend’s preferences very well. In that case, you can ask family or intimates about their concerns and if this is not possible, there are always eclectic gifts that everyone likes.

When, How And Where

A different aspect to consider is the context in which the gift will be received. Will the person be alone, with friends or in a family event. If we plan to give our couple a harness along with a BDSM starter kit, better leave it for an intimate moment and not at a meal, with their parents. Public places can also be embarrassing to open some gifts.

Runaway From Practicality

There is never a lack of supporters of practical gifts or buying things that we know for sure that will be used. The list is long; it includes a toilet paper, tweezers, wool socks for winter, shoes packaged in a shoe box (กล่อง รองเท้า, which is the term in Thai), towels, baby diapers, ironing boards, kitchen robots, indoor shirts and many more.

By Robert Smith

John Smith: John, a former software engineer, shares his insights on software development, programming languages, and coding best practices.