According to the latest studies on the important criteria for SEO, netlinking and backlinking remain essential factors to work to get the best positions on the first page of the Google SERP. So we decided to help you see more clearly with the good resolutions to take for quality backlinks in 2018. To buy backlinks this is the perfect option now.

Understanding Digital Data On Backlinking

Many tools on backlinking are available to help you understand the quality and relevance of a link in your web positioning and traffic acquisition strategy. We can mention Moz’s Open Site Explorer and Majestic SEO data (Trust Flow and Citation Flow).

It is necessary to understand what these data mean before basing your netlinking strategy on it. They are important, but not enough to evaluate the relevance of a link.

Do Not Disown All Incoming Links

Some website managers tend to disavow most of the incoming links acquired. In fact, low quality incoming links will tend to have a negative influence on natural referencing. It is very important to disavow inbound links if they do not comply with Google’s guidelines.

However, by disavowing all the links, without really bringing your attention to it, you cut off an asset for your SEO. Links from a site with a weak Domain Authority can still serve your SEO if they do not come from questionable sources.

Pay Attention To Your Mistakes 404

The 404 errors are the anxiety of the referencer, the calvary of the surfer and the target of Google. These errors always happen, but let hundreds accumulate without doing anything and very problematic. A Googlebot that crawl your site will soon realize.

It is unimaginable to lose a significant source of traffic and / or an incoming link from a highly authoritative website.

Maintain Good Relationships With Webmasters

Of course, the best links are obtained by targeting good websites and regular maintenance of your network. Webmasters are often busy and can not necessarily answer all your requests. Use your inbound link strategy intelligently and maintain regular webmaster relationships to receive quality links. Do not forget that the opinion of webmasters is important: listening to them may allow you to find other sources of links.

If you go through a provider (obviously serious) for the acquisition of links, you must give him time to choose the best sites for your backlinking.

Hold A Netlinking Strategy Over Time

In SEO, you have to be patient. By pointing backlinks to a page on your website, you will not make it better positioned in a short time. Give time to your netlinking strategy!

Make The Watch On The Backlinking

Google updates its algorithms regularly. Keep an active watch on the subject. The Google Webmaster Guidelines page and the Google Blog remain a must-watch. You can also follow blogs specialized in SEO.

By Robert Smith

John Smith: John, a former software engineer, shares his insights on software development, programming languages, and coding best practices.