Medicare Advantage Plans are a unique kind of health care coverage in the United States which offers Medicare benefits to private-sector employees through a traditional private-sector insurance company. This program was first introduced in 1965 and was created to fill in the coverage gap left by Medicare Parts A and B.

The program is reimbursable to the same extent as Medicare for covered services. All Medicare beneficiaries are automatically enrolled in best Medicare supplement plans 2022 once they qualify for enrollment. There are four different plans available:

Part A Medicare Advantage Plans cover outpatient hospital stays, doctor visits, emergency room visits, and select diagnostic tests. The monthly benefits are based on a sliding scale premium, and the benefits may also depend on your medical condition. Part A Premiums are paid entirely by the provider and Medicare Part B covers medically necessary hospital stays and certain outpatient surgery. Part A plans offer the most extensive benefits at the lowest cost. Part A Plus Plans provide even more comprehensive coverage at a higher premium.

Medicare Advantage Plans are not available in all areas or for all medical conditions. There are specialized Medicare Advantage Plans for Alaska, Arizona, California, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and Washington. In addition, Medicare Advantage Plans are available for the health care needs of the disabled, aged, or mentally ill. Some Medicare Advantage Plans focus on covering women’s health issues and provide additional coverage for family members. Advantage Plans may also be tailored to specific areas such as cancer care, chronic care, hospice, nursing home coverage, and vision care.

When you begin enrolling in Medicare Advantage Plans, the enrollment counselor will visit your community to determine your unique service areas. Service areas are specified by each Medicare provider and guidelines vary from one plan to the next. Once your service area has been selected, you will need to choose the appropriate category for your enrollment. The basic categories include:

Medicare Advantage Plans cover the same Medicare benefits as traditional Medicare; in most cases, they also cover some of the same routine medical treatments provided under the original Medicare program. In order to take advantage of the benefits of Medicare Advantage plans, you must enroll in Medicare Parts A and B. These programs cover physician visits, emergency rooms, inpatient care, durable medical equipment, hospitalization, prescription drugs, and certain medical supplies.

While there are many medicare advantage plans available, these programs are not “federally guaranteed” and are subject to Medicare policy changes and eligibility requirements. In order to pick the right Medicare Supplement plan that will meet your specific needs, you should discuss your situation with a Medicare specialist. They will help you find the best supplement option that will provide the coverage you need at a price you can afford.

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