Trophies are always awarded to deserving players. Kids learn many lessons as they indulge in sporting activities. Characters such as courage, confidence, teamwork, leadership, and sportsmanship become developed in them. As common amongst leagues both, minor and kids leagues use trophies as compensation.

Certificates – To foster recognition of students, encourage them, and bring them out more, awarding certificates is a great tool. Rather than wait till a season ends, certificates are awarded immediately after games as is deserved. These awards are given for exceptional leadership dispositions, outstanding offensive or defensive players.

Athletic Awards – These awards are given on bases of defensive and offensive players and also as an MVP award. The prizes can be delivered specifically for performance in games like basketball, baseball, handball, tennis, and other athletic events spurring the fastest player, runner, highest jumper and so on. They bring to the spotlight the skills of the children. A โล่รางวัล (shield award, which is the term in Thai) can be used for this category of awards.

Attitude Awards – There is also a place of character aside from being athletic. When nature is mentioned, titles such as best leader, best behaved, and best in sportsmanship. Also, the team that showed much team spirit can be recognized. Giving out such awards boosts the morale of the kids, increases their confidence and encourages a healthy attitude in them as they grow.

Comic Titles – This award is to create a form of bonding and fun during the games for kids. Doing this can give both students and parents a good laugh as they enjoy sports. Nonetheless, the age-grade matters so they can understand the humor behind the awards. Fun awards like the one likely to fall asleep during practice or to get quickly exhausted are a good one and can spur other ideas. It is best to be voted on by the players and coaches as they know themselves more.

By Robert Smith

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