Whether you’re a small business or a multi-national company, nearly every organization will benefit from using a specialist HR system. There will almost certainly come a point during an organization’s growth that it can no longer successfully manage people-related data and processes without using specialist HR software. The vast majority of HR solutions enable organizations to carry out similar tasks related to the attraction, retention, and management of their staff and HR data, but with a varying degree of difficulty.

CIPHR is a feature-rich human resource management system that helps business manage their staff and offers various applications in HR, payroll, and recruitment. CIPHR provides many world’s largest corporations, government agencies, and charitable organizations with a robust platform to effectively handle all HR and payroll requirements.

Overview of CIPHR benefits

Improves HR system

CIPHR delivers a string of HR and payroll solutions for all business sizes and types. Their human resources platform makes it easy for a business to manage people data, enabling them to monitor and record all information about their employees and prospective candidates. With CIPHR human resources solution, businesses are on top of all their people, from the time they submitted their application until the day they part ways with the company.

Provides security for employees data

CIPHR allows businesses to create secure files for their employees where they store all documents, materials, photographs, reports, etc. Training and developing new hires can be a taxing task but with CIPHR, all workflows on training become easy that even inexperienced employees only require minimal supervision. With the help of CIPHR, HR activities become automated and streamlined. Due to which, managing people and handling their data become much simpler. HR and payroll functions and processes are intertwined, which is why it is best to use CIPHR Payroll services with the HR platform.

Improves payroll management

With CIPHR Payroll, business enjoys the latest innovations in payroll technology. The payroll interface is reliable, performance-driven, easy to manage, and easy to navigate. Whether deployed as an in-house, bureau or a fully managed service, CIPHR delivers the goods by improving payroll efficiency and cutting down costs and overheads. Both employees and line managers enjoy easy and instant access to the system for better visibility and accountability. This feature also reduces instances of payroll queries and duplicate data entries.

Improves regulatory compliance

Because you’ll store all your people data and related information in one place and be able to send automated reminders when action needs to be taken, your compliance with regulatory requirements will be much improved. Specific compliance areas where HR solutions can play a significant role include GDPR compliance (especially around data security and data-retention periods), right-to-work checks, and health and safety training compliance. You’ll also find that HR software will help you report on gender pay gaps too.

CIPHR is fully scalable that can grow alongside your business and has all the tools and capabilities to help you attract, recruit, and retain the best talent. As a payroll platform, it simplifies all payroll processes, enhances payroll efficiency while bringing down payroll-related expenses and overhead. Furthermore, it gives encryption to databases which include phone encryption too.

By Robert Smith

John Smith: John, a former software engineer, shares his insights on software development, programming languages, and coding best practices.