This article covers a series of Video conferencing tips to enable you to have the best experience in conferencing.

Take Notice of Your Appearance

Appearance is everything, be mindful of your attire. Before the video gathering starts, you have to think about your appearance (clothing), pieces of jewelry, environment, and preparations.

  • Blues and greens function admirably. Pastels and dim or neutral colors are ideal.
  • Stay away from brightly colored pieces of jewelry as it can reflect light or make a glare.
  • Abstain from wearing apparel with bright or detailed designs, which might distract your audience.
  • Keep away from sharp differentiating colors, for example, highly contrasting together. When you move about it can make the center waver and devastate the image clearness.

  • Stay away from the colors red and white. These colors will, in general blend on the screen and decrease the clarity of the picture.


Before taking part in a video meeting, you need to ensure you must:

  • Ensure you use the best video conferencing hardware, also endeavor to acquaint yourself with the equipment, so you feel great working it.
  • Make camera presets so you can change camera positions frequently, bringing about all the more fascinating, progressively dynamic meetings.


To get ready for a video meeting, you ought to affirm those taking an interest in the gathering and select a director from the lead site, just as a pioneer for each additional location. You ought to likewise disseminate meeting materials to every member.


It is essential to set up the video conferencing condition accurately. Before partaking in video meetings, you ought to pursue the following:

  • Close the blinds.
  • Check that overhead lights, or potentially reflections are not in the camera’s view.
  • Focus the muted microphone on the meeting room table.

Note: Waiting until the video meeting starts to put the microphone on the table can cause a disturbance at the far end(s), just as sound issues on your end.

  • Guarantee your banner is set up (if you have any).

Note: Just make sure to evacuate the banner and spot the camera on the participant(s) when the video meeting starts.

Ensure Somebody is Present for Roll Call

As the video meeting starts, follow these means to guarantee the sessions begin in an orderly manner

Introduce Yourself

  • Plainly express the meeting items and your plan.
  • Conduct a roll call for each location to ensure everyone is present.
  • Request that all meeting members introduce themselves.

Be Yourself and Relax by:

  • Envisioning the meeting members are sitting right opposite you.
  • Talking normally and naturally.

By Robert Smith

John Smith: John, a former software engineer, shares his insights on software development, programming languages, and coding best practices.